Record with an Apple Logic Pro 9 Certified Engineer

I  recently became Level 1 certified in Apple’s newest cutting edge high end audio recording application Logic Pro 9 (part of the latest version Logic Studio).  I am a long time user of Logic.

Apple Logic is a great tool for singer/songwriters and composers and provides a great deal of flexibility when recording or composing.  It is often very hard to be 100% perfect when recording a track – you may have some great moments and a few not so great.  One of the newest features is the ability to lay down multiple versions of a track (say for example a lead vocal) and select the various portions of each take to create a composite or ‘best of’ take.

Want to add a little piano or hammond organ to a track? Logic comes with a plethora of great samples such as pianos, hammond organs, horns, etc that can be triggered with a standard midi keyboard.

When you are ready to step up and have tested and certified engineer record your project send me an email or give me a call.  I specialize in singer songwriters, acoustic projects and small bands.  I can import GarageBand tracks directly into Logic Pro 9.  I can also import your wav and aiff tracks.

Joe Rizzo
Cosmic Circuit Studio
Engineer, musician, producer


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