Del-Rickie Carter, musician, passes away – Memorial

del-rickie_carterdel_mainDel-Rickie Carter, guitarist and musician, passed away July 10th, 2007 at the age of 53.  He was found in his room in Berkeley – the exact cause of his death is unknown.  A memorial was held at 
Ashkenaz in Berkeley on Sunday August 26th, 2007.



Del grew up in Berkeley California and was a masterful musician with a deep spirit.  He was born March 11th, 1954 and attended Berkeley High School where he studied music.  As a guitarist, Del performed with many reggae and blues groups and was admired for his very tight rhythm and great tone.  He recorded with the Rastafarians, Haile Maskel and numerous other well known artists.  He also toured with the reggae band Strictly Roots and performed with Obeyjah, Razorblade, Donny Rasta and was a member of the band Mystic Tribe. 


del_2On on July 4th, the week of his passing, Del performed with Mystic Tribe backing Obeyjah at the World One festival in  El Cerrito, California.  Del was unusually vibrant, jumping around on stage, singing, while displaying his typically masterful guitar-work and appeared very happy and in great spirits.

  del_3 I had the privilege of personally working with Del in Mystic Tribe for the past 5 years.  Del spent a large amount of time at the studio in his last few years rehearsing, recording, writing songs.   I, as well as his fellow musicians, greatly respected him for his vast knowledge and solid understanding of music and rhythm.  When Del talked, we listened. 

Del was a very kind man with a lot of soul who experienced many hardships.  He touched us very deeply and will live forever in our hearts.  Del – we miss you!


Del Memorial at Ashkenaz

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2 Responses to Del-Rickie Carter, musician, passes away – Memorial

  1. mona porter says:

    I was a very good friend of Del and he of me, we spent our high school days at east Campus walking home from school or sitting on the steps at BHS. We knew and loved Brett Banks (passed at 21 in a motocycle accident). Del was in the sea scouts when he was a kid with Brett whom was close to his heart. We talked alot about what young people talk about but because of the times probably alot about our souls. I live in Belgium for 30 years. I visited with Del some years ago at our old haunt Walnut Square. I have a lovely photo of he and I. We talked about his golf game, laughed about everything. This summer (2 years after he passed on, I had just heard about him passing on and I am sad yet on the beach in France I saw a star and said to myself…one day all of us will be together. X

  2. Vince Black says:

    Del was my best friend and I was his best friend. I taught Del to play guitar. From 1974 until 1977, we were together almost everyday playing guitar. I still have the tapes from when we first started playing together until he became a very fine guitarist. He more than surpassed me in Jazz and I was very pleased to see him become a well seasoned musician. He used to watch out for my wife and son when I was on the road and he was part of the beginnings of the reggae scene on the west coast, along with me, Tony Moses and others. We both Loved Hendrix with the same passion and we shared many things together, things that I do not share with any one else in the world. I think about my dear friend and Brother everyday…

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