Inexpensive Phone Service with Voipo

GrandstreamYears ago I signed up for Vonage – one of the first phone companies that offered inexpensive phone service through your Internet connection. I was fairly happy with the service at the time and recommended some of my family members sign up. Slowly over the years the price of Vonage phone service increased higher and higher with more taxes and fees. At a certain point I felt it was no longer any great deal and switched to Voipo.

You can sign up for Voipo for $149 + tax = $185 total for 2 years of service (24 months). That ends up to be roughly $7.71 a month.  This is the least expensive deal around for unlimited calling within the United States. They send you a phone adapter that you connect to your router or cable modem via an ethernet cable. It is fairly easy to install. I was able to port my phone number over from vonage without a problem.

The service includes some nice features including caller id and do not disturb mode. It also has a great feature that will attach the voicemail message as a file and send it to your email if you are not there to answer.  If you are an email person – you will enjoy this.

There have been a few times when I have had to call them because of some minor issues (voice mail light was not appearing).  Their customer service is very good and have been helpful.  For instance I called a few months ago and they sent a firmware update to my adapter and after a restart things were working better than before.

If you click my banner and use the promo code: 5108689323 you will get an extra month free.   I have recommended this to other members of my family who have been happy with their service.

Most people have a cell phone and the need for a landline has diminished.  If you still want a home line for a very inexpensive price I would give Voipo a try.


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