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rates for studio recording, video editing, guitar lessons, etc.

Call 510.868.9323. If you are audio recording in the studio, call or email to book a date and time slot. Once you have been given a time slot via phone, you must make a $45 booking fee to confirm the studio recording time slot within 24 hrs or your studio reservation will not be made. We accept debit/credit cards, paypal and square.

Recording Studio Reservation
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Booking Fee for Studio Booking Reservation $45
Please read cancellation policy below and contract.
Form to Request an Audio Recording Session
If you have questions regarding recording, check the FAQ.
Standard Studio Audio Recording Rate
$45 an hour
Number of Hours

$11.25 - 1/4 hour
$22.50 - 1/2 hour
$33.75 - 3/4 hour

15 minute increments
Discount Studio Audio Recording Rates

5 hour block for $210*

10 hour block for $415*

Blocks of Recording Time
Audio Editing Rates
$45 an hour
Video Editing
$45 an hour (standard)
Number of Hours
$11.25 a quarter hour (standard)
15 minute increments
Web Design/Maintanence/Consulting  
$45 an hour
Web Design/Maintenance # of Hours
Media (CDs & DVDs of your Audio Recording or Video)  
$1.50 - CD-R of your recording with slimline jewel case (silver face CD, no printing)

$2.00 - Color printed CD-R on matte finish (no jewel case included)

$2.75 - Color Printed CD-R of your recording with clear slimline jewel case. (matte finish)

$3.25 - Color Printed CD-R of your recording with clear slimline jewel case. (glossy finish, water & scratch resistant)

Choose type of CD with slimline case
$2.75 - DVD-R of your recording/video with clear slimline jewel case

$3.75 - Color Printed DVD-R of your recording/video with clear slimline jewel case. (matte finish)

$4.25 - Color Printed DVD-R of your recording/video with clear slimline jewel case. (glossy finish, water & scratch resistant)
Choose type of DVD with slimline case
Guitar Lessons - (Please read cancellation policy).  
Guitar Lesson $50 (For more than 1 lesson, change the quantity in the cart)

4 Guitar Lesson Block $185 (for consecutive weekly sessions)

8 Guitar Lesson Block $360 (for consecutive week sessions)
Choose # of Lessons or Block
Martin LX1E Acoustic-Electric Guitar rental for Guitar Lesson $10
$25 Consultation Fee
$100 Miscellaneous payment
Video/Tape Transfer  
Digitize mini-dv tape to Quicktime digital file
VHS to DVD raw transfer $20 (15 minutes or under)
VHS to DVD raw transfer $30 (15-90 minutes)
Instrument rental for Recording Session  
Gibson J-250 acoustic guitar $30 per session
Yamaha 88 Key weighted full sized keyboard with midi $25 per session
Gretsch Catalina Jazz Club drums kit $55 per session
Live Music Performance Tips/Donations  
Tips greatly appreciated for Joe's live music performances
Tip Amount
Music Recordings    
Joe & Andrea - Live at Java Beach, San Francisco $15
Choose Format
Joe & Andrea - Live at Java Beach, San Francisco


Payment Information

  • Pay securely on the web using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal or Square.
    VisaMastercardAmerican ExpressDiscover Cardpay pal
    We also accept Cash, Money Order or Cashier's Check. You can also send money to our Paypal account directly at

  • View our studio policy and contract for more details. This contract must be signed and payment received before a recording session begins.

  • A booking fee of $45 is required to reserve a studio block of time. Please use the link above after you have scheduled and confirmed the time of your recording session.

  • Payment in full is expected at the beginning of the recording session.

  • Block Rate Pricing: If you purchase a 5 hr block of time, it must be used in one session, a 10 hr block must be used in one day or in consecutive day sessions (for instance - a Friday & Saturday or Saturday & Sunday).

  • Recording Studio Cancellation Policy:
    Cancellations for the recording studio can be made 48 hours in advance of a session without incurring a charge. Cancellations made between 48-24 hours of a session will incur a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than 24 hours of a booked session will incur a $45 fee and lose the $45 booking fee.

    Guitar lessons Cancellation Policy:
    If you can not make a lesson you must notify us by e-mail or phone at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule with no cancellation fee. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice (or not showing up for a lesson) results in the loss of the full payment for the lesson (or the deduction of 1 lesson from your pre-paid block of lessons).

  • Recording Rates do not include session musicians or piano/keyboard rental.

Other Recording Services available
- We are available for other projects including mobile recording and composing songs and music for film and commercials. Contact us with project details for a quote.


Audio Recording Session Tips

If you are a singer/songwriter laying down guitar tracks and intend to add drums or drum loops later - we recommend you rehearse your songs with a metronome and record with a click track in your headphones.

Allow enough time for mixing after your tracks have been recorded. Professional results comes from careful mixing, processing of effects (equalization, compression, reverb, etc) on each instrument & vocal track.

For truly professional results, estimate at least 1 hour of recording time per song and at least 1/2-1 hour of mixing per song. This is especially true if you have songs that have a large number of tracks that need processing. For more fully produced songs that have many instruments or a large band the typically rule of thumb is to estimate 5 hours per song.

Dress in light cool clothing during the hot summer months - it can get a bit warm in the studio. In the fall and winter dress warmer or in layers.

How time and rates are calculated:

  • Be on time. You will be charged for scheduled studio time printed on the invoice.
  • Session overruns are charged at the standard rate of $45 an hour.
  • You can arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled session start time to load your equipment.
  • * Set up time (microphone placement, head phone monitoring, etc.) is part of your recording time. Set up times vary. We estimate a simple one musician setup 15 - 25 minutes. A 4 - 6 piece band with a drummer can run from 1/2 to 1 hour.
  • In house Piano/Midi Keyboard can be used for $25 per session fee.

CD Information

We can duplicate your recording and provide CD's in CD-R format with direct full color printing onto the CD with a clear slimline jewel case. We request that you provide a typed copy of exactly what you want printed on the CD (ie. song names, etc) to avoid spelling mistakes.


Production Rates

Production entails working with a singer/songwriter to develop a basic song into a full polished track. An example would be developing a song consisting of vocals & rhythm guitar into a song with a full band (bass, lead guitar, piano, drums, backing vocals, etc). Production rates vary depending on the job and whether session musicians need to be hired for various tracks. E-mail or call with your project details and we will give you a quote.


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