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video editing services FAQ
Q. How much do you charge for video editing?
A. Our standard hourly rate is $45 an hour. On certain jobs we generate a quote and set a fixed price for the entire project. There is an charge extra for color balancing/correction, audio correction/editing, non-standard video format transfer or extraction, chapter markers on DVD's, and special video effects. Fill out our form so we can provide a rough quote.

Q. Do you shoot video?
A. No. At this time we are only providing editing services and export for DVD, web and/or iPod. You provide the video footage, audio, logo(s), images and we will digitize the footage, edit, assemble, and encode to the proper format at the highest quality and do other post processing tasks.

Q. What kind of media do you accept for video editing?
A. SD mini-dv tapes are preferred. We also accept VHS tape and footage already digitized as quicktime files and/or Final Cut files that is on a firewire or usb hard drive. We do not accept miniDVD's (the small sized DVD discs). If you have High Definition mini DV tapes, you would need to bring your camera along with the tapes.

Q. Can you create video clips for the web/internet or for YouTube?
A. Yes, we can create videos in either Quicktime (.mov) or Adobe Flash (.flv) format for a web site and/or YouTube as well as for the iPod.

Q. Can you transfer Super 8mm film import into a video project or transfer to a DVD?
A. We do not have a Super 8 recorder. If you bring your Super 8 recorder (and can verify that the recorder has yellow, red and white RCA outpjacks) then we can import the footage and digitize it for web, Final Cut and/or DVD.

Q. Can you import HD (high definition) footage from a miniDV tape?
A. Currently, we can only import SD footage. If you bring your HD camera with the tapes we can pull the footage off for editing.

Q. I have footage in PAL format (not NTSC) - can you import this for editing or transfer to a DVD?
A. If you can bring the original camera that it was shot with then we can import it; otherwise no. PAL format is specific to European and/or Asian cameras and are typically not sold in North America.

Q. I have a DVD that needs to be edited, can you do this?
A. Yes, we can extract video from non-encrypted DVD's. Video on a DVD is compressed; thus the quality is not as high as on the original footage from the original tape(s). For the highest quality it is strongly recommended to edit directly from the original footage.

Q. Do you edit wedding videos?
A. Yes, you would need to provide the video tapes (footage).

Q. I would like to you work on a project for me. What do you need to know to generate an estimate?
A. What format your media is currently in (VHS, mini-DV, Quicktime files, DVD)?
How much footage do you have to be edited? What is the final format media that you would like (web video, DVD, mini-DV tape, etc). If the final format is a DVD, we need to know what type of menu(s) you want and whether there will be chapter/scene menus and if you have artwork and background for the DVD menus. We recommend filling out this form.

Q. I forgot to include color balancing/correction for the job I submitted. Can you do this?
A. Yes, there is an additional charge because this can be very time intensive. Please try to include this when asking for an estimate.

Q. Can you edit video for the iPod and/or iPod Touch?
A. Yes. In addition we have the ability to create 'enhanced' videos and/or podcasts with artwork for chapter markers.

Q. What programs do you use for video editing and DVD authoring?
A. Primarily Apple Final Cut Pro Studio 2 for video editing and DVD Studio Pro for DVD authoring.

Q. Can you create instructional and educational DVD's with chapters that return to the sub menu?
A. Yes, please specify that you want this feature when you submit information about the project.

Q. Can you add background music, record voiceovers or adjust the audio tracks on a video?
A. Yes, we can add background music and sound effects. We can adjust the audio levels and provide services to clean up the audio tracks. We also have high quality microphones for voice over work.

Q. What type of payment is required for a project?
A. A down payment of half the estimated price is expected when the project starts; the balance is due when the project is completed.

Q. What do you charge for shipping?
A. We charge shipping + packaging costs if you want us to mail you proofs, tapes, DVD's, etc at cost. We typically use the United States Postal Service and can ship Express mail (overnight), Priority Mail, 1st class mail or parcel post. Let us know what what service you prefer. We can also add Delivery confirmation and Insurance.


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