audio recording
Digital audio recording and production for singer/songwriters, vocalists, voiceover artists, musicians and small bands. We utilize the latest cutting edge technologies while employing vintage analog equipment for warm recordings direct to digital

Samples – Listen to audio samples recorded in the studio


  • Affordable Rates
  • High quality mics – Neumann U87, Neumann KM184 stereo pair, AKG 414, AKG C3000, Shure 55SH, Shure SM57’s, Shure SM58’s, Audix, Sennheiser 604’s, Sennheiser e906 & more
  • Apple Logic Pro certified engineer
  • Avalon Design 737 SP Tube hardware preamp & Universal Audio LA-610 Tube hardware preamp for warm, professional pristine sound.
  • Waves Abbey Road Reverb, EMT 140 Plate Reverb, Capitol Chambers Reverb for classic vintage tone.
  • Highest quality UAD plugins with Apollo hardware: Neve 1073, Studer 800 tape emulation, LA-2A Teletronix leveler, Chandler Limited Curve Bender Mastering EQ, API 2500 Bus Compressor, Ampex ATR-102 Mastering tape recorder
  • Free wireless Internet. Bring your laptop, tablet or wireless device.
  • Apple Macintosh Intel quad-core i7 hardware running Mac OS X.
  • Sound Soap 5 + for cleaning up poorly recorded tracks and removing unwanted noise
  • Full sized 88 key Yamaha keyboard with graded hammer action & midi with 3 foot pedals
Neumann KM184 microphones
Avalon 737 preamp
Warm front end – real tube preamp to provide smooth vintage tone
Logic Pro X
Always running the newest version of Apple Logic Pro X
  • Creative vibe in scenic location with view of bay area
  • Very latest cutting edge software – Apple Logic Pro X.
  • Punch in and out to correct mistakes, mix and match parts of your tracks to create a flawless recording
  • Automation (we can save and automate track mixing levels, effects in and out on various tracks, etc)
  • Import your GarageBand tracks & demos for professional mixing in Logic Pro X.
Sound wave