studio description

Record in a peaceful, creative environment.

Located in a scenic area of the San Francisco Bay. A view of the Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco and Oakland can be seen from the street and surrounding area.

San Francisco bay view with colored sky
Cosmic Circuit Studio


  • Microphones: Neumann U87, Neumann KM184 stereo pair, Neumann KMS 105, AKG 414, AKG C3000, Shure 55SH, Shure SM57’s & SM58’s, Sennheiser 604’s, Sennheiser e906, Audix & more.
  • Avalon 737 SP Tube hardware preamp
Avalon 737 preamp
  • Universal Audio LA610 Tube hardware preamp
  • Waves Abbey Roads Reverbs, EMT 140 Plate Reverbs, UAD Capital Chambers Reverbs, UAD AKG Box Spring Reverb
  • Universal Audio Apollo x8p interface
  • Mark of the Unicorn 896mk3 interface
  • UAD Neve 1073 preamp, API 2500 compressor
  • UAD Manley VoxBox, SSL channel strip
  • UA Ampex┬« ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder
  • UA Chandler Limited Curve Bender Mastering EQ
  • Mackie H824 studio monitors
  • Avantone studio monitors
AKG 414 microphone
  • Apple HomePod
  • JBL Eon speakers
  • Blackstar HT-1R guitar amp
  • Roland AC33 Acoustic guitar amp
  • 88 key full sized weighted Yamaha keyboard with 3 foot pedals
Neuman U87 microphone
  • sE Electronics Reflexion Filter
  • Gibson J200 acoustic guitar
  • Gibson J250 acoustic guitar
  • Martin LX1E Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • Gibson ES 335 electric guitar
mixing board

  • Fender electric bass guitar
  • Acoustic stand up bass
  • Gretsch Catalina Jazz Club drum kit with Ziljian cymbals
  • wide assortment of percussion
Universal Audio LA 610

Apple Logic Pro certified and Final Cut Pro certified engineer. We also offer individual headphone microphone mixes to each performer.

Isabella and Joe in studio
  • Apple Macintosh Silicon powered
  • Mac OS X 14.3 Sonoma
  • Logic Pro X
  • Final Cut Pro X

free wi-fi
We offer free wireless Internet access. Bring your iPad, tablet, wireless laptop or mobile device.