video services editing
We digitize, edit and assemble your video footage into a professional product for the web (including YouTube, Facebook), mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, Android Devices) and/or podcasts. We can add titling and provide video on video (useful for close up demonstrations).

  • Apple Final Cut Pro X
  • Marketing degree (cum laude graduate)
  • 12 Years as an I.T. Consultant at San Francisco State University
  • Creative eye for framing video and images
  • Published photographer
  • Provide free FTP account to transfer video projects via Internet for non-local work (Also can use Google Drive, Dropbox, or other cloud services to exchange files).

joe rizzo
Apple Final Cut Certified Professional

Certified Pro
Final Cut Pro icon
workstation setup

audio for video

We can record your voiceovers and mix in your background music and/or sound effects for your video projects with high quality studio mics and hardware. High audio quality is very important for professional level videos and will take your projects to the next level.

  • Apple Logic Pro certified
  • Can also record voice overs for your projects. (Spoken word, exercise instruction, narration, etc.)
  • Embed and adjust audio levels, fades, etc.

samples of video editing and text overlays

Geek Squad review of Acura car at Macworld 2008, San Francisco
Cruiser Customizing Battery Tender – Example of overlaying images/video for demonstration and and inserting company logo with sound effects

Perceptive Detail

Photograph (on right) published in 2008 student & teacher edition Geography textbook by BJU Press

Student Geography Book 2008
Mayan women in Chichicastenango , Guatemala - photograph by Joe Rizzo
Mayan women in Chichicastenango , Guatemala – photograph by Joe Rizzo

Stop Photo Compilation Project

Example of music added and mixing with editing of a stop photo animation using Final Cut Pro

Editing Example of Video

Editing of News report clip with company logo & music added at tail

samples of video editing work

Zanzibar Cinderella Puppet Show

Example of Time lapse compilation

Timelapse of Construction – The Antrim 49 Sailing Yacht, Berkeley, California

Music Score Composed for Web Clip

Music score composed for Covad advertisement

Editing for Video Example

Inzunza music video

sample of slideshow edit

Zanzibar Cinderella Puppet Show

Zanzibar - Cinderella DVD on disc printing example
DVD on disc printing example

Snake Yoga DVD, Video & Narration Edit

Voice narration recorded in studio. Full video and DVD compiled in studio.

More Samples Coming Soon!